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Are there any hotel recommendations?
LaQuinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham is located within 1 mile of the meeting location.
Several more upscale beach-front hotels are located about 2-4 miles from the meeting location.  These are best viewed with hotel search engines such as: Trivago, Kayak, or TripAdvisor or by navigating in Google Maps to Conservation Park, Panama City Beach, FL and then typing "hotels" in the search window.


Can I attend for a single day?


Yes; however, the registration rate will be the same.

As a sponsor/exhibitor, can I bring along additional persons to help with displays or presentations?
Yes; however, these persons must be paid registrants.  The "silver level" sponsorship provides two paid registrations.  Alternatively, extra participants can register at the normal workshop registration rates. 

​Will food be served at the workshop?

​Yes, hot breakfasts and lunch buffets as well as cut fruit and pastries will be provided both days. Snacks, coffee, water, and soda will be provided during breaks and lunch. 
Will internet service be available?
Can I request an exam review or a special certification exam?
Yes, but this needs to be done several weeks in advance through the contact.

Check back for FAQ additions...
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